Cold-Light Source HLQ 2

The HLQ 2 is a compact, LED based, flicker free and energy efficient, white (about 400nm-750nm) cold-light source in heavy design for reflected light microscopy.

This light source is ideal to equip class rooms, the every day usage at the laboratory or for EMV sensible operation (e.g. electro physiology).

Two flexible, 60cm metal tubes (goose necks) with a 10mm emitter each enable shadow reduced illumination for the ever lab bench.

The maximum heat dissipation of each standard emitter is < 0,2W - a
significant warming of the object is hence excluded.

The light is absolutely flicker free and doesn't get pulsed when dimmed. Peak wave length is at approx. 450nm which supports a high optic resolution.

No active cooling required, the light source is 100% silent and does not create any swirls.

The light emitted by the standard emitter of up to more than 60 Lumens (2x30) is plenty for most applications. Brightness at a distance of 30mm is approx. 23000 Lux, at a distance of 50mm approx 14500 Lux and at a 100mm distance about 6000 Lux.

For even more light demanding applications optional emitters are available for a surcharge which are yielding about three times the brightness of the standard emitter.

No emission of high or low frequency electro-magnetic radiation.

Power supply by usb connector (max. 350mA) (usb power supply unit optionally availabe).

Sudden failure of the lamps (as known from halogene lamps) can be excluded to a very far extend.